Managing Sites Remotely

Remote access allows you to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot Aruba Instant On deployments in remote sites.

  • When an Instant On site is deployed and configured, it establishes a connection to the Instant On cloud, which allows you to access and manage sites remotely. The site information and account credentials associated with the site are registered and stored in the cloud. After the Instant On site is registered, it can be accessed and managed remotely through the Instant On application.

    The remote site must have access to the Internet in order to connect to the Instant On cloud. If the site loses Internet connectivity and fails to establish a connection to the cloud, you will not be able to access the site remotely.

  • When you log in to the Instant On application, the entire list of sites associated with your account is displayed. Select a site from the list for which you want to initiate a remote access session. When the remote access session is established, you can begin managing the site remotely.

    The list of sites is only displayed if your account is associated with multiple sites. If your account is only associated with one site, the Instant On application connects directly to that site.

Username and Password Management

You can change your account username or password at any point in time remotely. The Instant On application automatically communicates with the Instant On cloud to update the credentials for all sites associated with the account.

Cloud Service Unavailability Indicator

When there is an AWS outage in your region, the Aruba Instant On portal cannot be remotely accessed until it is back to functioning to its normal state. The Instant On web application and mobile app cannot be accessed, but its sites, networks and devices should be working as usual and are not be affected by the outage.

As a result, during the downtime a message is displayed on the login page indicating the temporary unavailability of the application.