Discovering Available Devices

There are multiple ways to add an Instant On AP and switches to a site during the initial setup. You may choose any of the following methods to add devices for the first time and complete setting up your network:

  • BLE Scanning—The Instant On mobile app scans for nearby devices through BLE and displays the APs discovered, on the screen. Tap or click the Add devices button to add the devices discovered to the site. Alternatively, click Search again if there are more devices to be displayed. If the BLE scanning fails to discover any devices in the vicinity, tap the Add devices manually tab and choose to add devices to your network by entering the serial number or by scanning the barcode of the AP.
  • Serial Number— Enter the serial number located at the back of your Instant On AP or switch and click Add device.
  • Barcode Scanning—As an alternative to manually entering the serial number to add devices, tap the barcode scan icon on the mobile app and scan the barcode at the back of your Instant On AP or switch.
  • QR Code—The Instant On 1960 Switch Series have their serial number in a QR code instead of a barcode. The Instant On 1960 switch hardware includes an orange pullout tag which displays the QR code when pulled out. This option is available only in the Instant On mobile app, and is available when adding new devices during the intial setup and also in the Extend network configuration.

BLE Troubleshooting

BLE troubleshooting happens automatically during the auto-detection of APs in the initial setup. If an error is detected you will see a message in the mobile App that helps you to troubleshoot any network or device related issues and complete the network setup successfully.