Monitoring Site Health

The Site Health page provides a summary of the health status of the Instant On devices connected to the network. It shows a consolidated list of alerts that are triggered from the devices provisioned at the site.

It also displays the inventory details of the connected devices and real-time data of active client connections on an hourly basis with the cumulative transfer speed of all the devices.

One of the following messages is displayed at the bottom of the Site Health icon:

Table 1: Site Health Messages



This information alert indicates that there are no issues with the Site Health. The color code is green.

This minor alert indicates one or several potential issues detected in the system. The color code is yellow.

This major alert indicates one or several issues detected in the system that require immediate attention. These alerts have the highest severity level. The color code is red.

The alerts are classified based on the severity. The Alerts page in the Instant On web application prioritizes the alert that requires immediate attention by placing it at the top of the list. The Instant On triggers an alert when an unusual activity occurs on the site and requires timely action to be taken by the administrator. The alerts are classified as follows:

  • Major active alert () — The alerts classified as major are considered as the most severe by the system and prompt the user to take an immediate action. These alerts are triggered when there is a definite downtime of a device, synchronization failure, or when the Internet connectivity is down.
  • Minor active alert () — The alerts are classified as minor when a degradation in performance is observed, but without any downtime. These alerts are triggered when a system or device is overloaded, or a device MAC address is unauthorized.

Registered devices send or receive notifications when an alert is triggered by the Instant On due to an unusual activity on the site. For information on how to enable or disable notifications for alerts, refer to Enabling or Disabling Alert Notifications.

The Site Health page also displays the Current transfer speed in bytes per second.

Click Show all alerts to view the list of alerts received on the site.

Click Show inventory to view a list of all the devices in the network, along with their operational status.